Part I : Multimedia Communication

Traffic Shaping

1. Video On Demand over ATM : Constant-Rate Transmission and Transport

2. Supporting Stored Video : Reducing Rate Variability and End-to-End Resource Requirements through Optimal Smoothing

3. RCBR : A Simple and Efficient Service for Multiple Time-Scale Traffic

4. Fundamental Limits and Tradeoffs of Providing Deterministic Guarantees to VBR Video Traffic

5. RED-VBR : A Renegotiation-Based Approach to Support Delay-Sensitive VBR-Video

6. Smoothing, Statistical Multiplexing and Call Admission Control for Stored Video


7. Multiplexing Generalized Periodic Markovian Sources with an Application to the Study of VBR Video

8. Guaranteeing End-to-End Deadlines in ATM Networks

Admission Control

9. Admission Control Algorithms for Multimedia On-Demand Servers Presentation Material

10. A Framework for Supporting Previewing and VCR Operations in a Low Bandwidth Environment

Bandwidth Allocation

11. Bandwidth Allocation of Multiple QoS Classes in ATM Enviroment

12. Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Efficient Transport of Real-Time VBR Video over ATM

13. Impact of Synchronization on the Allocation of Bandwidth for Multiplexed MPEG Streams

Network and System

14. Priority Ethernets

15. A Server Array Approach for Video-On-Demand Service on Local Area Networks

16. Scheduling for Interactive Operations in Parallel Video Servers

17. Buffer Management in Multimedia Database System

18. Toward a Common Infrastructure for Multimedia-Networking Middleware

19. Thin Streams: An Architecture for Multicasting Layered Video

20. Centralized vs. DIstributed Multimedia Servers

Part II : Multimedia Storage

Admission Control, Scheduling

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Hard Cooy

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Buffer Management

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Disk Scheduling

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Data Placement

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