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    I graduated from ChamShil Middle School, and completed the high school courses at Seoul Science High School. I earned my B.S degree in Computer Science at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). I also earned my M.S degree in Computer Science at KAIST, under the direction of professor JoonWon Lee. I was a research student of Computer Architecture Laboratory during my M.S. course study. During the first half of this year (1997), I was taking the Ph.D course of Dept. of Computer Science, Seoul National University (SNU). The laboratory is Distributed Computing Systems Laboratory. With entering the second half of this year, I suspended my study, and engaged in the national army services, and became a public service agent of SongPa Ku Office.

    My research interests are operating systems and parallel computing. Currently my advisor is professor HeonYoung Yeom of SNU.


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    Contact Information


    SukWon Yi
    Distributed Computing System Laboratory
    Department of Computer Science
    Seoul National University
    San 56-1, Shilim-Dong, Kwanak-Ku, Seoul, Korea


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    Home: +82-2-418-9635
    Office: +82-2-876-2159
    Pager: 012-924-9786

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